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Arabia For Plastic Industry

شركة العربية لصناعة البلاستيك
Company Activity :
Our Products Are Used In Various Fields Such As Shoe Manufacturing, Water Hoses, Cable Coverage In All Its Diameter. Some Products Are Used In The Manufacture Of Sanitary Connections. Some Decoration Works Are Supplied By The Company. It Deals With Major Cable Companies In Egypt, Some Arab Countries Such As Sudan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon And Some European Countries
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web site :
Phone :
0554498540 - 01025630005
Company Address :
Industrial Area second - Khartoum St - Block E25 - Tenth of Ramadan
Chairman :
Ahmed Abd Elhamid
General Manager :
Alaa Mohamed Kotb
Factory Manager :
Atef Moselhi
Sales Manager :
Ali El Shanawany
Financial Manager :
Abd El Salam Mahmoud